Electrochemical Generation for Water Disinfection | MIOX

We are now part of De Nora, a global company with over 95 years of expertise in electrolysis/electrochemical technologies and water treatment world.

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The Miox Advantage

MIOX® Corporation has been manufacturing reliable and cost-effective on site generators for water disinfection for over 20 years.

MIOX has an installed base of 3,000+ sodium hypochlorite generator and Mixed Oxidant Solution on-site generator installations globally.  Our customers include over 1,500 drinking water treatment systems in the United States, mobile systems for produced water treatment and flowback water, hundreds of industrial water treatment facilities such as cooling tower chemical treatment at large power plants and data centers of Fortune 500 companies, and legionella water treatment for commercial buildings including universities, hospitals and high security clearance government facilities.

MIOX water treatment technologies combine salt, water and power to generator cost-effective water disinfection chemistries on site, on demand.


MIOX chemistries show faster or greater log kill at equal doses on all classes of microorganisms. Includes bacteria, viruses and protozoan oocysts.